XIPHOID DEMENTIA plumbs a pulsating hellscape with new single “Essence Concussion”

In a time of despair, uncertainly, illness, and death, Covenant is proud to present the first single from soundscape mastermind Xiphoid Dementia’s latest offering Prison of Hope; out now on Boston based label Divergent Series. An appropriate soundtrack as we all plunge deep into sheer dystopia. 

The leading offering “Essence Concussion” features Xiphoid Dementia’s token ambient industrial sound converging with a more persistent rhythmic layering that forms a hypnotic spiritual assault. Culling sounds from explosions, artillery, glass, trains, and carefully crafted layers of distorted industrial waste as well as pummeling synthesized undertones make the manic energy palpable.

Dive into a world unknown and accept that you will never escape your own prison of hope.

Prison of Hope is available on LP (with digital download) from Existence Establishment now.


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