SATURN’S CROSS reveals new darkwave epic from upcoming 4-way Covenant pact split release

It is at this interstice that we are proud to unveil the first glimpse at the strangest of all beasts to arise from the Covenant birthing pools- “Of Four Exhumations – A Covenant Collaboration”, due out soon on Mexico’s DUMAH Records (also responsible for the forthcoming Aos Si full length, from which we shared the music video for “Oratio Draconis”). This four-headed work features coinciding pieces from artists within our inner circle, dark ambient mastermind RANDAL COLLIER-FORD, darkwave anomaly SATURN’S CROSS, ritual industrial monk PERENNIAL NORTH, and otherworldly newage stalwart CUILLEN.

As a first look, we have chosen to debut the Saturn’s Cross piece Living Death (Protege Of The Last Medici). In an 8 minute epic blending big, dark synths, hypnotizing percussion, and unsettling vocals, Saturn’s Cross has created something that intertwines industrial and darkwave, with haunting dark ambient and eerie R&B stylings. Here lies an ode to the arte magical and a work of activating dormant potentiality.

Expect this galvanizing split release to be available in the early fall, and expect a seminal treatise on birth, death, and finally rebirth.

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