Presently waiting dormant like a mythical beast of revelation, Mitochondrion has twice decimated the base consciousness of black and death metal fans with Archaeaeon and Parasignosis, but what self-respecting apocalyptic prophecy has but two chapters? The forthcoming third full length from the Vancouver quartet promises to usher in an age of absolute darkness, usurping the throne from the decaying cadaver of the enslaver.

Mitochondrion (Demo)  – 2005
Through Cosmic Gaze (Demo) – 2006
Archaeaeon – 2008 Dark Descent Records
Rituals of Transcendence / Liimk Halaayt (Split) – 2010 Siege Engine Records
Parasignosis – 2011 Profound Lore Records
Antinumerology (EP) – 2013 Dark Descent Records
In Cronian Hour (Split) – 2016 Dark Descent Records