KRYPTS collapse the veil between life & death with “Cadaver Circulation”

After nearly 3 years Finland’s finest, Krypts, rear their ugly heads, black viscera draining from their maws. A worthy bearer to the popular title “cavernous”, Cadaver Circulation is a harrowing delve into a stagnant black void of decomposition. Taking a somniferous approach to the death metal genre, Krypts newest release transports you to a realm of decay.

The opening of the album “Sinking Transient Waters”, stakes your mind with the rapid fecundity of a decaying bog. The guitars are an organic force, mushing and teeming with disease; while the drums evoke the feeling of porous soil, grounded yet spacious. The speed of the track rises and falls in cycles, bringing the conclusion to a slow crawl that trudges through the rest of the album.

During the second track the lead guitar takes a subdued role in the composition, creating an agonizing dissonance. The bass spews forth a black velvet veil, rustled by boundless vocals. The song “Echos Emanate Forms”, adds another layer to the drumming, one that is rudimentary and often militaristic, complementary to the gruesome funerary dirge, yet not without sporadic impulses. It is all over an uncanny canticle that emulates the process of the intangible becoming tangible, like watching a body rot back to life.

The next two tracks take familiar riffs and twist them into something far more disturbing than the average death metal album, adding miniscule touches to enhance the frightening aura; the devil is indeed in the details. The final elegy, “ Circling the Between”, contains hypnotizing radial songwriting, conjuring its namesake, leaving you in a fog reaching its closure making you beg for more of the never ending spiral.

Krypts unleashes a truly chasm-like experience without any trends that feels truly authentic. Cadaver Circulation is an amoebic and rotten ordeal, seeped in elegiac doom that bestows an elusive model for those to follow.

DARK DESCENT RECORDS is responsible for unleashing this aeonic slab of death metal upon your ears in all formats.


Posted by Colin Scott

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