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CVNNT 001 – Ditesco Mori – DIT.SCO M.R. (MC/Digital) / co-release with Les Fleurs du Mal Productions

CVNNT 002 – Temple of Abandonment – Chasm of the Horned Pantheon: Through Your Death, They Live (MC)

CVNNT 003 – Saturn’s CrossThis is Going to End in Blood (Digital)

CVNNT 004 – Night ProfoundVia Nocturna (Digital)

CVNNT 005 – Aos SiVol. I (Digital)

CVNNT 006 – PaulusIlluminate (Digital)

CVNNT 007 – Saturn’s CrossPossession (Digital)

CVNNT 008: Espejo del DiabloDos Oraciones (Digital)


CVNNT 009 – Reversed – Promo Tape (MC)