ASCENDED DEAD, COSCRADH, Ceremonial Bloodbath, Ruinous Power – June 11, Wise Hall

ASCENDED DEAD’s triumphant return!!
The West Coast Apocalypse 2023 tour wraps up on June 11 in Vancouver.

Those who witnessed Ascended Dead’s unforgettable performance back at Covenant Festival II in 2016 will remember peak savagery and chaos. Death metal TRULY unhinged!!! The band will pair up with Ireland’s devastating COSCRADH for their first time here. Rounding out this onslaught are local black & death metal forces CEREMONIAL BLOODBATH and RUINOUS POWER!!


$20 advance / $25 door
The Wise Hall
1882 Adanac St, Vancouver, BC

Poster art by Brayden “Doomscribe” Turenne